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Our Core Beliefs

We hold fast to six essential beliefs and practices.

1. Jesus Christ is God’s only Son, our Savior, and our Lord.
2. The Bible, taken in context, is our ultimate authority and guide.
3. The Church is Christ’s Body on earth, and all Christians should uplift each other including all branches of the faith.
4. The Lord’s Supper is celebrated weekly.
5. Baptism is for believers and enacted by immersion, although we affirm other forms of baptism.
6. All baptized believers are called to share in the ministries of Christ.

Gospel Clarity

There is only one Gospel. It is God’s property based on the work of Jesus Christ, and preached and testified consistently by Scripture and the Holy Spirit: We are saved by faith alone, through grace alone, on the basis of Christ alone, and for the glory of God alone.

Gospel Mission

Burnout occurs when we believe the lie that God is happier with us when we do evangelism, justice, and mercy. The delight of the Father is spoken in fullness to those who have faith alone in the sufficient work of Jesus Christ. Knowing the delightful heart of the Father we are free to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading in good works, not to “make God happy with us” but rather to glorify His name before all nations.

Gospel Community

The Gospel is unbelievable without the help of the Holy Spirit, and is unapplied without the encouragement of a Gospel Community. Christ’s Church is God’s creation for Believers to lean against God’s Gospel. Experiencing our position in Christ is the ministry of a Gospel Community.

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