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Our Core Beliefs

We hold fast to six essential beliefs and practices.

1. Jesus Christ is God’s only Son, our Savior, and our Lord.
2. The Bible, taken in context, is our ultimate authority and guide.
3. The Church is Christ’s Body on earth, and all Christians should uplift each other including all branches of the faith.
4. The Lord’s Supper is celebrated weekly.
5. Baptism is for believers and enacted by immersion, although we affirm other forms of baptism.
6. All baptized believers are called to share in the ministries of Christ.

Partnering with the Gospel

Gospel clarity is one of the greatest needs in the modern Church. God’s Gospel is revealed in Christ Jesus, testified by the apostles, and is entrusted to the people of God as a way of life. Christ builds His Church upon the rock of the Gospel: Sinners are counted as justified by faith alone through grace alone, on the basis of Christ alone, and for the glory of God alone. Christians have a history of not completely trusting the Gospel as sufficient for our salvation; our ego tells us that God will only be pleased with us if we perform well. The paradox and scandal of the revealed Gospel is that we are unable to please God with our life, actions, thoughts, AND yet, by grace, for those who have faith in Jesus, His accomplishments and perfection are credited to us as pleasing to God. Lack of Gospel clarity often confuses the agenda and goals of the Church. Therefore, let us hear the Good News that God has accomplished a perfect work in His Son, Jesus Christ, upon which the faithful will rest in satisfaction and then live and serve boldly – not to prove ourselves, but to glorify the One who has already spoken identity and belonging into us: “You are mine, and I am yours!”

Gospel-centered communities are both a strength and joy for those in Christ. The world preaches a popular false-gospel where we are told that we must prove ourselves and seek to live for our own glory. The Church is God’s possession and we are free to live counter-culturally with the power of the Gospel. Gospel-centered communities place us in relationships with other people who aren’t out to make a name for themselves, but whose aim is God’s glory. We don’t brag by comparison or sulk in our failures, because our value and standing in life is sealed up in the work and perfection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Being fully satisfied in Christ we serve and love not to gain anything from the world, but to seek God’s work and glory. Gospel-centered communities keep us Gospel-centered individually, and we all need to hear the Good News in real time all the time.

To encounter Jesus is to come face-to- face with God’s mission. The Father sent His Son into the world to reveal and fulfill the Gospel. This Gospel is still fruitful and changing lives, because it gives to sinners who have faith access to the storehouse of hope, love, and faith in our Father’s Kingdom. The Holy Spirit testifies throughout the nations, and is sending the Church to trust the Gospel’s power in the lives of an unbelieving world. We aren’t arm-twisters, sob-story tellers, lawyers, judges, negotiators or persuaders. We find the authorized moments of the Spirit and then proclaim in word and deed the mystery of the Gospel. If someone is attracted by a false-gospel, a good sale-pitch, or sheer effort of an evangelist, then their attraction isn’t to God through Christ – it’s to something lesser and fleeting. But we boast in the cross of Christ, which is the power that saves. Jesus is a missionary and so is His Gospel. The essence of Church is mission founded on the power of the Gospel and led by the timing and power of the Holy Spirit.

Gospel Clarity

There is only one Gospel. It is God’s property based on the work of Jesus Christ, and preached and testified consistently by Scripture and the Holy Spirit: We are saved by faith alone, through grace alone, on the basis of Christ alone, and for the glory of God alone.

Gospel Mission

Burnout occurs when we believe the lie that God is happier with us when we do evangelism, justice, and mercy. The delight of the Father is spoken in fullness to those who have faith alone in the sufficient work of Jesus Christ. Knowing the delightful heart of the Father we are free to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading in good works, not to “make God happy with us” but rather to glorify His name before all nations.

Gospel Community

The Gospel is unbelievable without the help of the Holy Spirit, and is unapplied without the encouragement of a Gospel Community. Christ’s Church is God’s creation for Believers to lean against God’s Gospel. Experiencing our position in Christ is the ministry of a Gospel Community.

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